Hello world, reprise


Here’s to another attempt at jump-starting this blog. It’s not exactly the new year, but the lunar new year just started, so I think that works just as well. ;)

Along with a new mini-resolve to start writing here a little more regularly than I have been (small wins, people), I decided to roll up my sleeves and try my hand at making another layout for Whimsical.nu. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on WordPress themes and I’m pretty impressed at how far along WordPress has gone. It’s been an interesting “return”, though I’ve kept things simple (the old one was needlessly complicated, and it was getting on my nerves).

Still, I haven’t gone through the paces of my new theme, so feedback is welcome if you see anything amiss!


  • Agreed with Robin. I think it’s been 6 or 7 years since I have been able to regularly keep an “about me” blog. It’s nice to talk about the things you’re into lately too, maybe it’s a sign of aging! :)

    • Actually, I feel like the reticence to talk about things I’m into recently is more a sign of aging than not! I don’t have as much urge to, er, “overshare” like I did when I was much younger, haha.

      But it’s still a good exercise, and I figure anything that gets me writing (aside from journaling, which I am always doing) is good.

      • Ah I guess it depends on what you like to write about :) I also don’t have any urges to ‘overshare’ as before; I tend to write more on topics of interest in a way that might help others (like creative prompts and such), rather than just updating on what I’m into lately. I guess in that way it turns more into a resource blog than a personal one! I find that’s what keeps me blogging, to pull away from talking about the details of my life.

        • Exactly–not so much “this is what I’ve done lately” as “I think you might be interested in this thing I did, check it out/here’s what I did”, like reviews and such. Granted, a number of my blog entries have been that way, it’s just doing it some kind of regularity.

          (Although my next scheduled entry will be along more personal lines, so all this might very well be thrown out the window!)

  • Love the new layout! And yay for blogging more regularly! I had to start writing about topics rather than my everyday life (because my life is just not that interesting xD), and that has kept me writing more consistently. Maybe some journaling/writing prompts could help you start? (http://www.davidrm.com/thejournal/tjresources-exercises.php has some good ones)

  • Welcome back, and I love this layout! Consistent blogging is a challenge, I agree. I’m still trying to conquer my infrequent posting [which was usually 1 post per month, but I’m working on that]. Good luck to you, and happy blogging! xD

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like the layout :) I hope the habit sticks now. At least you post once a month–I haven’t posted in a very long time!

  • Welcome back! (to us both. Haha) Got here through Lynn’s blog. Ahh, I remember the good old blogging days. Great to see people going back to blogging (Or still blogging).

    • Yay, more old friends blogging again! Well, trying to get back, anyway, parang lagi nalang akong trying to get back to blogging ;) but maybe this time it will stick!