The blank page

There is something both compelling and scary about seeing a blank page. It doesn’t matter what kind of page it is–a ruled notebook, a blank sketchpad, a blank post form in WordPress, the update page in Livejournal. It calls out to me, to be filled in words, to not be so…blank.

And I keep starting, and stopping, and hitting that Delete button.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.


  • Call me weird, but I love seeing blank notebooks/notepads. Blank WordPress documents? Not so much. I never get any inspiration or see/do anything interesting for me to blog about… which is why I started doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge just to use as a filler.
    Blank Word documents piss me off the most. I’m writing a story, but it doesn’t seem good enough to me, so I keep deleting it. :S Very frustrating.
    Hope you find inspiration to start writing soon. :3

  • Totally went through this for about a month with my novel…kept staring at the last place I stopped writing and going “Where do I go from here?” I’d write a few lines, then erase it; write a few totally different lines, then erase them, etc., etc., etc….

    Finally I got sick of waiting for my Muse and just started writing something completely off-the-wall and hilarious. (It actually worked, and fit with the plotline and everything…also made me LMAO at the computer, xD) Sometimes, I guess, you just have to fling your self-censorship to the wind and just write like nobody’s reading. :P