Tales of a gearing healing priest

Since Tala hit 85, I’ve been working out what items she needs from which bosses and reputations so she can get up to snuff on raiding. While probably everyone and their mother are 85 by now, I thought people who might have healing priest alts might find lists of “best” pre-raid spirit gear useful, as I would have.

Gearing for healing, I’m finding out, is a largely personal/individualistic in nature. If you don’t have enough spirit, get more spirit, but too much and you’re wasting it according to the content that you’re running. I don’t know what the gearing priorities are for holy either, but in general I am working with intellect upgrade is an upgrade as long as it has spirit, or sometimes a non-spirit item may be good enough for reforging (your mileage may vary).

So my list contains mostly spirit gear, with an option for a high-level non-spirit gear (if available), and haste/crit/mastery choices. I also added any BoEs or craftable items. I don’t include Valor-purchasable items, although any BoE pieces are available.


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Je’Tze’s Sparkling Tiara Bind on Equip
Haste Mask of New Snow 2,200 JP
Mastery Aurelian Mitre Throne of the Tides
Non-spirit Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades Engineering


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Quicksilver Amulet Blackrock Caverns
Crit Amulet of Tender Breath Vortex Pinnacle
Mastery Celadon Pendant 1,250 JP
Mastery Acanthia’s Lost Pendant Bind on Equip
Non-spirit, crit+mastery Lightning Flash Pendant/Yellow Smoke Pendant Tol Barad, exalted
Non-spirit, haste+mastery Dorian’s Lost Necklace Bind on Equip


Secondary stat Name Source
Crit Summer Song Shoulderwraps 1,650 JP
Haste Krystel Mantle Blackrock Caverns
Mastery Mantle of Loss Shadowfang Keep


Secondary stat Name Source
Crit Azureborne Cloak Grim Batol
Crit, less spirit Springvale’s Cloak Shadowfang Keep
Haste Solar Wind Cloak Halls of Origination
Non-spirit Ritssyn’s Ruminous Drape Bind on Equip


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Shadowforge’s Lightbound Smock or its heroic version Bind on Equip
Crit Musk Rose Robes 2,200 JP
Mastery Anraphet’s Regalia Halls of Origination
Non-spirit Dizze’s Whirling Robe Bind on Equip


Secondary stat Name Source
Crit Crimsonborne Bracers Grim Batol
Mastery Baron Ashbury’s Cuffs Shadowfang Keep
Non-spirit Bracers of the Dark Pool or its heroic version Bind on Equip


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Woundsplicer Handwraps Bind on Equip
Crit Daughter’s Hands Deadmines
Mastery Gloves of Purification 1,650 JP
Haste Dolomite Adorned Gloves Stonecore
Non-spirit, crit+haste Grips of the Failed Immortal Bind on Equip
Non-spirit, haste+mastery Flamebloom Gloves Earthen Ring, exalted


Secondary stat Name Source
Mastery Cord of the Raven Queen Guardians of Hyjal
Haste Belt of the Depths Bind on Equip, Tailoring
Haste Evelyn’s Belt Lost City of the Tol’vir
Mastery Belt of the Falling Rain 1,650 JP


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Leggings of Charity 2,200 JP
Crit Leggings of Iridescent Clouds Vortex Pinnacle
Crit Sunderfury’s Sundries Bind on Equip
Non-spirit, crit+haste Breeches of Mended Nightmares Bind on Equip, Tailoring
Non-spirit, crit+mastery Flame-Ascended Pantaloons Bind on Equip, Tailoring


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Slippers of Moving Waters Bind on Equip
Crit Boots of Lingering Sorrow Shadowfang Keep
Mastery Hekatic Slippers Halls of Origination
Non-spirit, crit Melodious Slippers Bind on Equip
Non-spirit, haste Desert Walker Sandals Ramkahen, exalted


Secondary stat Name Source
Crit Band of Life Energy Halls of Origination
Crit, less spirit Ring of Frozen Rain The Vortex Pinnacle
Mastery Kibble Blackrock Caverns
Haste Ring of the Great Whale Bind on Equip
Mastery Veneficial Band Lost City of the Tol’vir
Non-spirit Ring of the Boy Emperor Archeology Bind to Account


Secondary stat Name Source
Non-spirit, haste Vibrant Alchemist Stone Alchemy
Int, spirit chance/stack Darkmoon Card: Tsunami Bind on Equip
Non-spirit, mana storage Tyrande’s Favorite Doll Archeology, Bind to Account
Int, spirit chance Tear of Blood Stonecore
Spirit, int chance Mandala of Stirring Patterns Tol Barad, exalted
Spirit, haste chance Rainsong Bind on Equip
Spirit, spellpower chance Sea Star Throne of the Tides


Secondary stat Name Source
Mastery Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending or its heroic version Bind on Equip
Crit Staff of Ammunae Archeology, Bind to Account
Haste Soul Releaser Halls of Origination
Mastery Staff of Isolation Shadowfang Keep
Non-spirit, crit+haste Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan Archeology, Bind to Account

Main Hand

Secondary stat Name Source
Crit Shimmering Morningstar Tol Barad, revered
Mastery Torturer’s Mercy Blackrock Caverns
Haste Scepter of Power Halls of Origination
Mastery Elementium Hammer Bind on Equip, Blacksmithing


Secondary stat Name Source
Mastery Heartbound Tome Bind on Equip
Crit Bioluminescent Lamp Throne of the Tides
Haste Divine Companion Bind on Equip, Inscription
Haste Apple-Bent Bough 950 JP
Mastery Prophet’s Scepter Stonecore


Secondary stat Name Source
Haste Wand of Untainted Power Grim Batol
Non-spirit Theresa’s Booklight and its heroic version Bind on Equip

Hope this helps! :) I’m nearly there, thanks to a couple of really lucky guild runs. Hopefully soon I’ll be well-clothed enough to try raiding again!

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