The table is for you, too

Dear fellow DPS,

Hello. I am a mage, also known as The Vending Machine. You know I can chug out food and drinks for you guys, after all, you guys even request it of me randomly while I’m hanging out in Dalaran.

I bring down a table in every instance. It’s there, nice and shiny and floating magically. It also has an annoying shimmering sound whenever the table is there. You can’t miss it. You also can’t miss the clicky portal you just saw appear in front of you, too; you might have even helped summon it in from the Twisting Nether.

I expect you to take a stack or two of food, at least. Yes, even you, dear melee DPS who do not have blue bars. I expect you to take some stacks and EAT THE DAMN STRUDELS.


Because your poor healer is going OOM. I don’t care if you don’t have a blue bar and thus don’t need to drink. Strudels are also for eating. The healer needs to drink between pulls and YOU need to eat to TOP YOURSELF UP. Each time you stand there idly with 50% health while your healer drinks up, I want to smack you. Hard.

The table is for you, too.

Eilonwyn the mage

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