Hazel Review

I’ve been taking Hazel for a spin, and I’m rather impressed. The analogy they have running is that it’s a “personal housekeeper”, and does file management/cleaning in the background while you work.

For a good while I thought Hazel was not going to be very useful for me, as my Downloads folder is organized using Speed Download 5‘s rules, and I also had AppZapper for cleaning up application files.

However, firing up Speed Download for downloading a small document sometimes feels a bit overkill, and that’s where Hazel works for me. I can even set custom rules for various file types, like when I download SQL backups:

SQL rules settings

I can send the SQL to a specific folder (here, my database backups folder), and rename it to include the timestamp when I downloaded. Absolutely cool :D

Additionally, firing up an extra application (AppZapper) to delete applications is an additional step, when I can just hit Command+Delete and have Hazel tell me if she wants to delete other application-related files.

The $21.95 Hazel is definitely worth it, especially if you don’t have any of the other applications that manage your folders for you. It’s a great addition to the MacUpdate Parallels bundle, and complements the bundle well.

This is the first review of a series of reviews I plan to do on the applications included in the currently-running MacUpdate Parallels bundle. For the full list, please see my original MacUpdate Parallels bundle post.

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