Better late than never

A happy, hopeful new year to all!…even though it’s past mid-January already.

I pretty much disappeared after mid-November–from my writing log, anyway–mostly due to a lot of things happening at the same time. Some of them are personal, but most of them were work-related and season-related. I flew home to the Philippines on December 20, flew back to Singapore on the 27th with family in tow, and took them around until January 2, when they went back to the Philippines.

Even with all of that, however, I was able to finish my 50 Books for 2007 challenge. Just barely made it! The above link also goes to the full list, which admittedly still needs a bit of sprucing up: one more thing that I haven’t gotten around to doing. I am starting a new 50-book challenge this year, and have so far read two books. In time I’ll put up my challenges page, which will link to all the challenges I’ll be doing that are reading- and writing-related.

I also got to 50,000 words for my NaNoWriMo novel this year, but I wasn’t able to finish the memoir; there are still a lot of events to go through and a ton of editing to do once that’s over. I’m not abandoning it, however — I’ll continue to work on it as I go along. The exercise has definitely been one of the longest-running writing exercises I’ve ever done since I graduated high school almost eight years ago. I’ll have to make sure this keeps up.


  • @Michelle: Boy, do I know ever. That’s the current status of my writing life, ever since I started college :/

  • I’m starting the editing process, it’s horrifying. :P I hope you get the chance to write more soon though – don’t break the routine, or you’ll never get it back.

  • MJG! Wow, long time no hear. Thanks! That’s good you’re trying to write daily — most of my daily writing is journalistic in nature (but definitely over 50k in one month, lol), not at all related to creative writing. Oh well?

  • Good for you on getting through NaNoWriMo! I signed up for it like two weeks before it kicked off, my first time ever, then promptly forgot about it. Funny thing is, I probably still did write over 50k words in November, since I try to write every day. Of course, those writings were scattered across two dozen+ different topics, so not much of a novel really. Oh well, there’s always next year, da?

  • Yeah, that’s how I figure it out myself. It has to get done sometime. :D

  • I too got my 50,000 words but nowhere near a finished novel. Oh, well. I’ll just keep working at it. :) Eventually I’ll finish *something*.