Nancy Drew revisited

Since moving to Singapore and starting work, I’ve been going to a local books/supplies store after office to pick up various odds and ends like magnets, pens, desk organizers, and the like. Near the cashier, there’s a few stacks of children’s books and on them are a few Nancy Drew books scattered here and there. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Nancy Drew at some point in your life, but for the uninitiated, Nancy Drew is a series of books about, well, Nancy Drew. She is a titian-haired amateur teen detective adept at getting into, and out of, close calls with robbers, criminals, and the like. Oh, and solving mysteries.

She was my heroine when I was a child, hungrily devouring the books the moment my mother buys it for us and finishing it in half a day (these days I take about two hours). We have a few couple dozen of the books at home, and frankly, one of my visions of the perfect library once I settle down is one with the complete series. Alright, so sometimes (okay, a lot of times) the stories and the things Nancy gets into are quite out of this world, but hell, it was great fun when I was a child and it’s still great fun even now. I’d collect all, from #1: The Secret of the Old Clock to #56: The Thirteenth Pearl, since those were the “originals”. Yes, they’re all written by ghostwriters, but for some reason, I’ve never looked at the paperbacks seriously.

Only now, I just found out, there are new ones added into the list of books published as “originals” (“my” originals). Apparently, in 2006, Simon and Schuster released numbers 57-64 in yellow hardbacks. And that’s what sucked me into the series again. As with everything here in Singapore, it’s more expensive than if I get it in the Philippines, but I just have to get my Nancy Drew fix, apparently. :P The “new” but “original” books are:

#57: The Triple Hoax
#58: The Flying Saucer Mystery
#59: The Secret in the Old Lace
#60: The Greek Symbol Mystery
#61: The Swami’s Ring
#62: The Kachina Doll Mystery
#63: The Twin Dilemma
#64: Captive Witness

This is a rather shrewd move for them, since it obviously worked on me–after seeing the numbers over #56 (it was like, “zomg the last book!”), I immediately snapped one up: #60: The Greek Symbol Mystery, only because it was the first one I saw. I’m guessing that there are others out there who, while knowing that they they’re all ghost-written, still feel that the hardbacks are “authentic”. (And no, it’s not that I prefer hardbacks; I actually prefer paperbacks over the former usually.)

I would be the first to admit that I’m buying them really only because it’s “authentic Nancy Drew”. The Greek Symbol Mystery was somewhat interesting, but as with everything that’s from early childhood, the magic isn’t the same, if it’s even there. But then, I wouldn’t want it any other way. :)


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  • Oh my gosh! This is the first time I’ve met someone who likes the Mick/Nancy angle. And that was the first Mick/Nancy book I read as well. The one in Japan, right?

    There ARE earlier Nancy Drew Files books about Mick and Nancy. It’s a sort of trilogy right inside the Nancy Drew Files series:

    #72: Swiss Secrets (Passport to Romance #1)
    #73: Rendezvous in Rome (Passport to Romance #2)
    #74: Greek Odyssey (Passport to Romance #3)

    I don’t think I’ve read the second, though. All three books have Mick in them, and sort of chronicle the happenings of that summer. :) Have you read the aforementioned Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys supermystery book? It was quite enjoyable to me, as a Mick/Nancy fan. :)

  • I just finished reading Case #96: The Nancy Drew Files: The Runaway Bride. It’s been sitting on my shelf for years. I’m a writer, and for awhile, I toyed with the idea of starting a YA series. I even thought about writing a Nancy Drew novel since I recalled reading her as a child.

    The book was pleasant, and I, too, liked Mick Devlin. Since I’m a romance author, I kind of liked the side “romance” of Nancy and Mick. I wanted the story to delve more into why Mick and Nancy broke up years ago. I wanted to actually read a whole novel about how Mick and Nancy dating, and then him asking her to marry her at the end.

  • Hehe thanks, Joan! Yeah, the paperbacks really don’t capture the same feel as the hardbacks, I never really got into them that much.

  • I LOVE Nancy Drew hardbound books! I used to read them many times in our school library, I think there were less than 5 books :P I tried reading the paperback but it didn’t have the same magic as the old books *sigh*

    Off-comment: I love your site design! It suits your personality well. I feel like I went back in the Victorian era, heheheh :D

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  • I’ve bought some of the paperbacks — both the ones that “continue” the yellow hardbacks and some of the Nancy Drew Files ones. I stopped after a while, though — the plain paperbacks much earlier than Files, as the paperbacks just felt like… well, I know you know what it felt to me as well :D Nancy Drew Files was a bit interesting for a while, since it was a bit more believable (as a teenager); plus I have to admit I had a bit of a crush on one character they introduced there, a Mick Devlin. I almost wished Nancy would end up with him! XD He’s in a few of the Files books (I don’t know which exactly, I have a couple though) plus there’s this Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery where he was there as well (and was the only one of that series I bought).

    I’m reading The Clue in the Diary right now — I used to borrow from the school library, but their’s weren’t complete either, so I think I’ve never read this before, hee. I have quite a few missing as well, hehe. I want to see what they did with The Thirteenth Pearl, after releasing these new ones, since it didn’t have any “next up” sort of text in the book.

  • Oh, I love Nancy Drew! I’ve collected almost all of them since I was a kid. I still have a few missing here and there, but I’m trying to track down copies of them so that I can have the complete collection. I’m biased towards the yellow hardbacks, too. I’ve never picked up any of the paperbacks. They just don’t hold any nostalgia for me. :P

    I was shocked to see the new books, also! I picked up Captive Witness the last time I was at Barnes & Noble, but I haven’t read it, yet.

  • Wow, really? How are you doing with the non-revised editions? I was reading up on the differences between versions et al a while ago and was quite intrigued!

  • I’ve been collecting the Original Nancy Drews & Nancy Drew Files for the past couple of years. I had a bunch of my mom’s and mine from when I was a kid. Two years ago, I made my collecting harder when I decided to collect the non-revised versions (1-34). I’m excited to see someone else collecting the books! :)