Websites and PHP frameworks, part II

A few days ago I wrote about deciding on how to implement the revival of and PHP frameworks, and I realized I haven’t yet mentioned any decisions made about that issue.

In the subject of Indisguise.Org implementation, I’ve decided to go with using WordPress. The biggest factor for this is time: I seriously have no time to create a script from scratch, even with the use of RAD frameworks. And I seriously have no time to learn a different script. WordPress served me well so far; I trusted that it will continue to serve my purposes, even if it’s slightly different. (And it’s going along well; more on that in another entry.)

As for PHP frameworks, I’m still leaning towards CakePHP, even though CodeIgniter is a very very close second. I found a couple of great articles which helped me a lot in terms of weighing the pros and cons and going with my personal choice. I’d like to share them with you:

At work we’ve decided to go with Cake, although a big factor in our decision is because our developer knows a few people who’ve used Cake, as opposed to us knowing people online who know CodeIgniter. Who knows, once I give Cake a test run, I may change my mind — but for not it’s Cake for me.

(This article has made me hungry.)

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