Quick writing before I leave

I wrote quickly this morning, and though the scene I’m writing isn’t finished exactly, I’m going at it well, I think. Still behind (should be around 7,000 right now) but I think almost-4,000 is a good count.

[pfmeter id=1 target=50000 progress=3961]

My two main characters have met, and it’s going along great. They’re going to meet the next main character/villain/not-really in a while. Of course, I think I need to write a little more between the start of the story and the chapters I’m writing right now, but I’ll get to that (somewhat boring) part later on.


PS. Damn this progress meter. It’s making my page validation break. I must either take it out of my posts (which is the only place where it’s making my validation break) or fiddle with the code so that it checks out. :P