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Angela I'm Angela. I've been blogging on and off, but I've always been around. I like rambling about anything that strikes my fancy, be it personal endeavors, geeky pursuits, books I'm reading, writing attempts, occasional travel, and the games I play.


About Whimsical.Nu

Whimsical.Nu is a personal blog written by Angela, focusing on five different topics that interest and define her:

  • geek – contains web- and tech-related entries, usually revolving around web development, web design, and the web industry;
  • reader – has all entries pertaining to books and literary consumption, including the odd other-media adaptation review;
  • writer - revolves around the pursuit of creative writing;
  • gamer – contains posts about various games and gaming, generally focusing on role-playing games; and
  • girl – houses general life-and-living entries, other hobby topics, and the occasional life update.

Angela also writes at various other places:

  • Seasonal Wanderer – a locked and filtered online journal hosted in Livejournal, where most of the personal writing go;
  • Indiscripts – a now-closed tech blog, but still contains most of the old posts and is kept for continuity and to house Angela’s linkware scripts;
  • Evening Sky – a Livejournal community that houses various Livejournal-related “toys” such as icons, mood themes, and tools
  • @angelamaria – personal, primary Twitter account
  • @gamewhims – gaming-related Twitter account


  • WordPress with plugins – sometimes a pain, but a godsend most of the time
  • Yusuke Kamiyamane – creator of the Fugue icons, which is used for all the icons on the blog
  • Komodo Media – creator of the social network logo icons found at the footer of this website
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache, YUI 3.0 – tech goodness

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“I keep turning over new leaves, and spoiling them, as I used to spoil my copybooks; and I make so many beginnings there never will be an end.”

- Jo March