The deadly thing about gaming breaks

I haven’t been in Azeroth (or Outland, if you want to be thorough) in over a month*.


But yes, I haven’t. Eilonwyn is stuck at 84, and Talá hasn’t even started anywhere. I’ve said time and again to friends that yes, yes, I will log in tonight, alright already, sorry! and yet I have not gone online.

It’s not that I don’t miss the game, that is is not interesting to me anymore. I actually still check out the feeds I follow, and look at new stuff, and feel wistful at world firsts.

I do, but it’s kind of difficult to get back into the game after being out so long. This seems to be a common thing for a good number of people I know: take a long enough break, and suddenly it doesn’t feel as compelling to go online again. Some people say it’s because wow, I have a lot of free time now as opposed to when I was raiding full time! but it’s not that; I don’t think I’ve really done anything very significant with the “free time”.

It’s more about getting left behind. To be sure, I had no plans to take a break: I brought my gaming mouse with me on my vacation, and was looking forward to reaching 85 by Christmas. Maybe not geared up, but getting there. Sadly, I had not even been able to get my mouse out of my luggage! The two weeks without the game, stretching onward and onward…well, it’s not pretty. I’m still 84 while my friends and peers are likely kicking butt at raids; and I don’t begrudge them that, I don’t expect a raiding guild to wait around on people.

The 84-to-85 stretch, as well as the long hard trudge to get raiding-ready: HOW? Just, how? I started taking stock of the gear I needed, the reps I needed, arcanums and shoulder enchants, spending boatloads of gold for gems and materials, training up to max level professions for the perks. (I do not have the boatloads of gold, by the way. It would actually be a lot more fun if I had. Well, that’s what we always say, life is so much more fun if we have boatloads of moneys.) Just thinking about it, that long hard road…it’s not very fun, not when everyone else and their mother is raiding (literally). It’s a bit hard to stomach going from prime DPS to catcalls of “noob!” (Good-natured and all in jest and good fun, but it’s still not nice to hear.)

I don’t know when I’ll be coming back; I only know that I will, eventually. When I won’t feel too strongly about being left behind, and I can just carry on merrily and enjoy my largely solitary game, most likely.

*give or take a few days

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