30 before 30

Thanks to Kim, I came across this gem: 30 before 30. Thirty things to do before one turns thirty. I have a bit less than three years to go, which is both “not a lot” and “plenty of time”.

It is quite challenging coming up with 30 different things to do, which is why I don’t have 30 things in this list yet. Given the time frame, I feel a good number needs to be fairly significant, but something that is conceivably attainable within three years, especially when looking at the whole list. I also wanted to put in experiences that I’ve never had before, that other people might say any thirty-year-old should have done. It needed to be fairly varied, and somewhat interesting.

Some things were easy to put in, such as experiences I wanted to have. Some things were scary, such as goals I wanted to achieve.

And so: this is my 30 before 30 list.

Some things I felt like I wanted to add, but relied too much on a couple things that didn’t seem to be even 75% reliable, such as participating in cosplay (I’d never do it without someone else doing it with me, and none of my friends are into it), or walking down the beach on a moonlit night and having a romantic dinner on the dunes (it wouldn’t be romantic unless it was with that special someone), etc. Maybe I’ll add them back someday.

Good luck to me :x

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